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dasparkhotel FAQ

    Can I book dasparkhotel for more than 3 nights?

    No. dasparkhotel is a non commercial hospitality tool, that wants to offer a unique stay for as many of you as possible. Thus each drain pipe can only be booked for a maximum of three nights.

    Can I book more than one drain pipe?

    We can only assign one drain pipe to each valid e-mail address.

    Can I book drain pipes side by side?

    No. The pipes are assigned randomly. But don't worry, they are not far apart anyway.

    How long is the reservation valid if I did not yet confirm it?

    The reservation should be confirmed at least one day ahead of your arrival. Otherwise the room will be made available to other prospective customers as needed.

    I submitted the wrong e-mail address. What can I do?

    Currently you have to sort this out on your own. We are working on a solution for this case.Please follow us on twitter of facebook for updates.

    I did not get a confirmation email. Why?

    Please double check your SPAM folder. We also noticed several cases where inboxes were full and thus no incoming mail was accepted anymore.

    How do I cancel my reservation?

    We can reassign a drain pipe, as long as it is not yet confirmed. In case of cancellation, please send a message to info@dasparkhotel.net with the subject: STORNO and please mention which location.

    Is barbecue allowed at dasparkhotel?

    Unfortunately barbecue is not allowed at both locations (Bernepark and Ottensheim).