Welcome at the dasparkhotel_ottensheim

With this years reopening on the 1st of May dasparkhotel as a new kind of hospitality-tool in public space starts already into its 10th season.

Just like Elias Canetti said it in his book.// The Voices of Marrakesh. //To keep your wits about you in a strange city, it is necessary to have a place to be alone, to hide from the new and strange voices when they get to be too much//

dasparkhotel would like to offer a temporary comfortable uncomplicated home for a certain time.

Welcome at the dasparkhotel_bernepark--> Due to the current situation we are unfortunately not able to offer our usual services this season!

The Parkhotel's second venue in Bottrop-Ebel now opened its gates to travellers looking for a special place for an overnight's stay.

Thanks to the support by the organizations Emschergenossenschaft and GAFÖG Parkhotel Bottrop-Ebel can afford to stick to its roots as a place of true hospitality with convenient Internet reservations and pay-as-you-wish.

We look forward to welcoming you at the parkhotel Bernepark!